I like shaving my underarms every day- said no one ever!

There is no reason to have to shave every day. Save yourself time and money and get them lasered. This quick and easy treatment will have you smooth and flawless in just a few treatments. 

Goodbye razor and helloooo smooth!

Why Laser My Underarms?

 For many people, shaving their underarms can be quite problematic. The friction from the razor can leave the skin quite irritated, leaving bumps from in grown hairs as well as a darkening of the skin. At Body Bar this quick treatment can literally change lives!

After you have your underarms lasered, your hair will grow in like normal. Over the course for 7 to 21 days the hairs will go through a shedding process where 10-25% of your hairs will shed out. The hairs that remain, will grow in slower, finer and lighter. You will shave less, have no more irritation from shaving and the darkening of the skin will improve.

Pro Tip: Use ZO Skin Health Retinol Skin Brightener daily to reduce darkened pigment on your underarms!

No more growing your hair out for your monthly wax! Maintenance is super easy with laser hair removal. The beauty of having your underarms lasered, is after each treatment. your hair grows in much slower, finer, lighter and sparser! You will only have to shave as needed and is super quick and easy! You will also notice you can go longer and longer in between shaving with each treatment. Clients love to combine underarms with brazilian hair removal sessions, due to having the same growing cycles.

Arm Laser Hair Removal

Arm laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular. With technology being better than ever, we are able to target more types of hair than in the past! If you are bothered by dark arm hair, our talented technicians at Body Bar can easily treat this area. Our medical grade lasers have a variety of wavelengths allowing us to customize your treatment to work with your individual goals, hair and skin color. 

Who performs the Laser Hair Removal Procedures?

All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of Body Bars well-trained medical laser technicians. Each technician is extensively trained before performing any arm and underarm hair removal treatment. 

Consultations are the most important step prior to any treatment. At Body Bar, your consultation is always performed by one of our educated technicians who will be performing your treatment. Our medical laser technicians are committed to helping you make the best decision based on your hair removal goals. We value building relationships with our clients prior any treatment and believe your consultation should be done with no other than your personal hair removal specialist! We will answer all of your laser hair removal questions and provide you with a customized quote for your needs. 

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