About The Body Bar Laser Clinic

Ashley is a skincare enthusiast with a special fondness for SkinPen and Laser Genesis treatments. Ashley's adventurous heart leads her to hike and explore the picturesque parks, lakes, and beaches of BC. Whether it's skincare or nature, Ashley's passion is ever-present. Scroll down for Ashley's Favourites


Medical Laser Technician - Coquitlam/Surrey

Roya is a skilled Manager and Laser Technician with a love for cooking and travel. Passionate about precision, she enjoys exploring new cultures and ardently supports local artists, valuing community and creativity. Scroll to below for Roya's Favourites!


Manager - Medical Laser Technician - Coquitlam

Lara, a radiant new mama, embraces self-care with her favorite treatments: CoolSculpting and HydraFacial, ensuring she feels as fabulous as she looks. When she's not doting on her little one, Lara indulges in her favorite pastime: shopping. . In every facet of her life, from motherhood to self-care, Lara exudes grace and elegance. Scroll below for her faves!


CoolSculpting Technician - Coquitlam

Beyond her nurturing role and beauty regimen, Shar is passionate about weight training and staying active, embodying strength in every facet of her life. Whether it's lifting weights or lifting spirits at home, Shar's dynamism shines through. Scroll below for Shar's favourites.


Medical Laser Technician - Surrey

From a young age, inspired by her mother's cosmetics career, Taryn developed a passion for the beauty industry. In 2018, she became a certified Lash Technician and launched her own business. This milestone soon led her to the Body Bar Laser Academy, immersing her in the realm of Medical Aesthetics. Scroll to below for Taryn's skincare routine!


Manager & Laser Technician - Surrey

Owner of Body Bar Kelowna, Crystelle balances motherhood with her passion for aesthetics. Experience beauty and wellness through Crystelle's expert touch.


Medical Laser Technician & Clinic Owner Kelowna

Karly’s Motto: Everyone is beautiful in their own way; it’s
how we can best embrace, enhance, and encourage self-love to put our best face
forward. Karly's approach to skincare and wellness comes from a holistic standpoint, recognizing that healthy skin is more than just skin deep. Scroll below for Karly's Favourites


Medical Laser Tech & Educator Surrey

Lorena is a beauty and skincare enthusiast with a deep passion for self-care. Beyond the world of beauty, her soul dances to the rhythm of music, with dance being her cherished hobby. Whether it's on the dance floor or in the realm of skincare, Lorena's enthusiasm and dedication shine through. Scroll below for Lorena's Favourites!


Medical Laser Technician - Coquitlam BC

A connoisseur of aesthetic treatments, Tonya swears by Secret RF & Laser Genesis to keep her glow. Her go-to products include ZO Pore Refiner, ZO Exfoliating Polish, and Alastin HydraTint SPF. When she's not indulging in her beauty regimen, you'll find her weight lifting or embracing the great outdoors. Scroll to see Tonya's favourites.


Medical Laser Technician - Kelowna

Emma is a skincare aficionado with a keen eye for standout treatments. Emma's adventurous spirit is evident in her love for pickle ball and hiking. Whether navigating a trail or exploring the latest in skincare, Emma's passion is palpable. For Emma's favourites scroll below.


Medical Laser Technician/Academy

Nicola is a skincare enthusiast with a penchant for cutting-edge treatments. Outside her skin rituals, Nicola's passions lie in shopping and exploring new destinations, making travel one of her favorite hobbies. Whether she's indulging in a shopping spree or jet-setting to a new locale, Nicola embraces life with zest and zeal. Scroll below to see her favourites.


Medical Laser Technician - Surrey

Laser Babes Skincare Routines

Crystelle's Favourites

Favourite Treatments : FotoFirm 3D & Secret RF

Products: ZO Illuminating AOX & ZO Growth Factor

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Tonya's Favourites

Favourite Treatments: Secret RF & Laser Genesis

Favourite Products: ZO Pore Refiner, ZO Exfoliating Polish & Alastin HydraTint SPF

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Lorena's Favourites

Favourite Treatments: Hydrafacial & Laser Hair Removal

Favourite Products: ZO Exfoliating Polish, ZO Hydrating Creme & Alastin HydraTint SPF

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Emma's Favourites

Favourite Treatments: Laser Genesis & SkinPen

Favourite Products: ZO Wrinkle & Texture Repair, ZO Dual Action Scrub, Alastin HydraTint SPF

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Ashley's Favourites

Favourite Treatments: SkinPen
& Laser Genesis

Favourite Products: ZO Complexion Clearing Masque, ZO Retinol Skin Brightener & Alastin HydraTint SPF

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Nicola's Favourites

Favourite Treatments: HydraFacial MD & Laser Genesis

Favourite Products: ZO Pore Refiner, ZO Acne Pads & ZO Daily Sheer SPF

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