There’s a brazilian reasons to get laser hair removal

 “Whoever my ancestor was that gave me the hairy gene, an inheritance for my laser treatments would have been nice” Sound familiar? Imagine not having to worry about when the last time you shaved was, and how amazing it is to experience ultimate smoothness all the time. Gone are the days of accidentally nicking yourself and having to perform extreme yoga to get those hard to reach places.   With Brazilian laser hair removal, it will feel as though you never had hair down there in the first place.

Why go bare?

Imagine how  amazing it will feel to be able to throw on that bikini without worrying about the last time you shaved or waxed! Most men and women shave their pubic region several times a week. This can be annoying, time consuming and irritating to say the least. There is nothing worse than getting dressed and realizing you forgot to shave. Say good bye to this annoying time consuming chore  and raise your hands to irresistibly smooth, hair free skin.

  •  Feel smooth, fresh and confident all the time
  •  Don’t worry about the last time you shaved
  •  No more yoga poses to get those hard to reach areas!

What does a Brazilian laser treatment consist of?

Traditionally, a brazilian hair removal treatment consists of removing everything including the hair on the labia as well as between the bum cheeks we like to call the bunnytail!  Brazilian’s come in all different styles, you decide what you want to keep and what you want to go, the choice is yours!

  •  Full Brazilian: All hair removed from all areas
  •  Brazilian with stripe: All hair removed but leaving stripe of hair
  •  Brazilian with triangle: All hair removed but leaving triangle of hair.

Is Brazilian laser hair removal only for women?

Women are not the only ones getting brazilian laser hair removal! Laser hair removal down there is becoming more popular among our male population.  This natural size enhancement is very popular among our male clients!We often get asked about how the treatment is performed. Our technicians never touch anything. They will drape you and our male clients are required to hold their shaft and testicles to assist the technician during their treatment. Just like a woman’s brazilian treatment, the manzilian is fully customizable based on your preference. Some ideas include:

  • Full Manzilian: All hair removed from all areas, including the shaft, base on penis, the testicles, and between the bum cheeks
  • Lions Mane: Tidy up wth testicles and shaft, leaving the rest of the hair
  • The Briefs: just like a female bikini but for guys! 

Why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Body Bar Laser  takes the hair removal process to a whole new level. We only use medical grade technology with advanced cooling. At Body Bar Laser Clinic, we provide fully customizable treatments. You will never think about waxing or shaving again! Once the hair is gone, you will not have to worry about waking up early to shave or grow your hair out to wax again.


When you are preparing for your treatment, only shave the areas you want lasered. When you come in for your treatment, your Laser Technician will only laser the areas you have shaved leaving the rest alone. It’s your choice.

Yes, the laser will target these hairs and they will get destroyed from under your skin. As you get less hair, this area will look less dark. 

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