Say bye-bye to facial hair

Facial hair can be one of the hardest areas on the body to manage. Shaving can leave your skin looking rough and irritated, and applying makeup to try and cover up can be quite daunting. Our face is the first thing we see when we look in the mirror and seeing that unwanted facial hair can definitely impact our self confidence. With laser hair removal you no longer have to stress over removing these annoying hairs which tend to cause bumps and irritation. At Body Bar Laser, we use super gentle laser technology so you can discretely get rid of those hairs and no one will know!

  •  Safely and gently remove facial hair
  •  Long term results
  •  Medical grade laser technology
  •  feel confident in your skin

Facial Laser Hair Removal For Men and Women

Unwanted facial hair is a common issue for both men and women. Women suffer from hormones that tend to trigger hair on their face and men are wanting that smooth, clean feeling all day long.

Fortunately, laser hair removal safely and effectively reduces your hair so you can ditch old school techniques of hair removal that can leave your skin looking irritated and rough. The laser energy is attracted to the pigment in the root of the follicle, destroying it on contact. Facial hair removal sessions are quick and comfortable using the Cutera Excel HR or Candela Gentle Max Pro. Laser hair removal is so easy, meaning you can have a treatment on your lunch break and immediately get back to your day. If you are more sensitive, we are more then happy to apply minerals after treatment to help with any redness.

Pro Tip: Get a HydraFacial in between your laser hair removal treatments. This will remove dead skin cells that may block hairs in the follicles. HydraFacials will open your pores up so you hairs can shed effectively and not get trapped in the follicles. Bonus: They feel AMAZING. 

Female Laser Facial Hair Removal

Let’s be real ladies, we do not like facial hair! It can leave us feeling insecure and can definitely effect our confidence. Whether it is genetic or triggered by hormones, we want it gone! Laser hair removal on the face is different for everyone and is fully customizable based on what you require.

  •  Upper lip
  •  Sideburns
  •  Chin
  •  Neck
  • Temples

Male Laser Facial Hair Removal

Just like women, men are wanting to be free from the stubble struggle. Men are becoming more aware of their skin and are wanting to put their best face first. Facial laser hair removal eliminates those annoying side effects of shaving. With each treatment, the hair will grow in slower and finer. Not only will those morning shaving sessions much easier but will be able to go longer in between shaving.

A well groomed man not only looks more polished but feels more confident.

  • Neckline
  • Full beard
  • Back of neck
  • Cheeks

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