The Secret to Better Looking Skin

Secret™ RF Skin Revitalizing and Resurfacing

Your Beautiful Skin Secret!

Face the world with the face you want and learn the secret to better looking skin. When it comes to stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, Secret RF does what other treatments can’t – it gets to the bottom of it. Secret RF is an innovative, radio frequency (RF) microneedling treatment that creates tissue coagulation and hemostasis deep under the skin to trigger your body’s own dermal remodelingresponse. This response improves the signs of aging including texture, brightness, photoaging, scars, and stretchmarks to promote smoother, younger looking skin. Contact a Secret provider today to learn how you can achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Customizable & Results Driven

Are you tired of trying countless skincare products and treatments without achieving the results you desire? Look no further! Secret RF helps us to create customizable and results-driven treatments, specifically designed to work harmoniously with your unique skin.

Our team of Laser Babes will work closely with you to identify the best course of action for your skin needs.

Our tailored treatment approach ensures that each treatment is exclusively designed with you in mind, addressing your areas of concern and accommodating your downtime requirements. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to personalized skincare that delivers remarkable results.

Real Results

Secret RF uses radio frequency to create coagulation and hemostasis, which triggers your own body’s healing response to generate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to the treatment area, under the skin where it’s needed most

Treatment Time

  • Results in 3-4 treatment sessions with little to no downtime depending on the treatment
  • Fast treatment sessions – Typically 20-30 minutes after numbing cream!

The Difference Between Microneedling & Secret RF

Microneedling and Secret RF are both used to improve the appearance of the skin, but there is a difference, they use different technologies to achieve their goals.

Micro-needling uses tiny needles that puncture the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, increasing collagen and elastin production. This non-invasive processor can be used for various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.

Secret RF can reach deeper layers than regular micro-needling with radiofrequency heat and mico-needles. It is able to stimulate coagulation and hemostasis, which triggers your body’s healing response to generate collagen. The process leads to smoother, firmer, and tighter skin. Sessions are quick with little downtime, with each session taking around 20-30 minutes. Whether you want to improve the signs of aging with smoother, brighter skin or eliminate scars and stretch marks, the Secret RF has various customizable options available for you. 

Body Bar is here to help you reach your skin’s ultimate glow, contact us today so we can put a skincare plan in place for you! 

How long to Secret RF Session take? 
20-30 minutes after the numbing cream

How many Secret RF sessions do you need?  
3-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with results starting after 3-4 sessions. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 12-18 months

Does Secret RF work on all skin types? 
Yes, Secret RF is safe and effective on all skin types

What is Secret RF used for?
Improving the signs of aging, including texture, brightness, photoaging, scars, and stretchmarks, to promote smoother, younger-looking skin. 

How does Secret RF work?
Secret RF uses radio frequency microneedling that creates tissue coagulation and hemostasis deep under the skin to trigger your body’s own dermal remodelling response.