Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Hair Removal Method

One of the best-considered procedures of hair removal is laser treatment. Laser hair removal treatment is known for the removal of all the unwanted body or facial hair permanently without damaging the skin’s surface in any manner. 

Want to know more about the laser hair removal procedure and how it is more effective and beneficial than traditional procedures? Let’s then get started with some of the biggest benefits of getting services of hair removal in Coquitlam

Precise Procedure

The lasers only target the hair follicles without damaging the skin in any aspect. In this way, only the hair follicles are burnt and do not affect the surrounding body area. Do you know how the procedure executes? A concentrated light beam strives on the follicles of hair you want to remove and that laser further gets converted to heat. In the end, the hair follicles are removed permanently.


Once you decide to get laser hair removal in Coquitlam, you need not spend a lot in traditional methods, expensive medications, creams, razors or more. However, laser hair removal can cost you upfront but will surely give lifetime results saving a huge amount. Also, it will help you save time and effort for shaving or waxing. Isn’t it great!

Effective & Quite Comfortable

The pain factor, in this case, varies from individual to individual because everybody’s capability of bearing the pain is different. However, the laser has been examined and recognized as a small pinch and pain may depend on the area that is to be treated. Even when it comes to effectiveness then many patients have claimed a significant reduction in hair growth. Also, the hairs that grow back tend to look lighter, fine, and sparse in color. 

So, in comparison to waxing, shaving or other traditional hair removal approaches, laser hair removal is the best and safest treatment with the possible outcomes. However, if you are looking for the best laser clinic in Coquitlam then visit us at Body Bar Laser Clinic where you can experience the wide range of laser services and that too at affordable prices. All the Best!