Tips on choosing the right medical laser clinic

Whether you are looking for face or body treatments, we offer some of the industry’s top devices and experienced laser technicians to help you achieve the best results from all procedures. We suggest doing your homework prior to choosing a laser clinic. Many treatment plans are a few months long and require maintenance so it is important that you connect with the laser clinic of your choice. Below are some of the main points to consider prior to booking your first appointment.  

  1. Top medical devices only. 
    All Body bar devices at The Body Bar Laser Clinic are thorougly researched and tested prior to purchase. Our devices are always purchased new (never used) through reputable, medical suppliers to ensure all treatments are effective and safe. Each our our devices are serviced and maintained to keep them in top condition. In addition, we are constantly keeping up with ever-evolving technology by purchasing new devices as needed to fill any gaps in our treatment offerings.

  2. Certified and experienced staff only.
    All Body Bar’s laser technicians have completed their medical laser training and update their education whenever new information or protocols become available. Body Bar’s laser technicians are confident with using each device to ensure a high level of effective treatments, while keeping client safety a top priority. Our laser technicians also undergo an additional job-shadowing period at the start of their career with us to ensure they are up to our high standards before treating any clients.
  3. Ask questions.
    We understand that choosing a cosmetic procedure provider is an important decision and we want you to be confident in that choice. If you are unsure if we are the laser clinic for you, we highly recommend that you schedule a free consultation and one of our experienced laser technicians will be happy to discuss any questions and possible apprehension.
  4. Convenience & Location.
    Body Bar has 3 locations to serve you better. We are currently serving Coquitlam, Kelowna & South Surrey communities. We look forward to meeting you soon!