Sappho Organics

Eco-concious Cosmetics

Each Sappho Organics product has been formulated for purity, ease of application, quality and beauty. Sappho’s liquid foundations are preserved entirely with essential oils, chock full of antioxidants, coloured with minerals, made in North America and packaged for utility and recyclability. Most of these products are vegan, all are free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, talc and dimethicone. Best of all they do NOT test on animals.

Sappho Mia Liquid Foundation
Sappho Mia Liquid Foundation


Celebrated by Hollywood clientele and makeup artists alike, Sappho Organic Cosmetics are sexy and lush, and they look and feel great on your skin. Sappho has diligently developed products they believe are eco-friendly, safe and truly wonderful…

Sappho Organics
Sappho Organics

Sappho Organics promises to:

  • support all efforts to be original in art, music, fashion and life;
  • fully disclose our ingredients; to use only the purest, cleanest and healthiest ingredients available.
  • because people vary and because of environmental stresses we promise to create more conscious awareness of your experience with our products. To that end if you have sensitivities to aloe vera, jojoba oil, essential oils, iron oxides or mica  or have a depressed or compromised immune system,  we recommend introducing our products slowly by starting with a sample or patch test
  • minimize our footprint as we grow; and
  • remain a positive influence in this world.
Sappho Foundations

“As an actress, my skin care regimen is crucial. But as a Mom it is literally the first thing to go out the window! I therefore really value a product with pure, organic, healthy ingredients that produces results that can rival any product on the market. Sappho literally kills two birds with one stone. It is beautiful make-up that nourishes and protects my skin. What more could I ask for?”