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Skin Needling

Body Bar Laser Clinic believes that we have to look for alternatives to laser re-surfacing of the skin.  Those techniques destroy the epidermis in order to create a denser fibrosis in the dermis.  The technique we describe preserves the epidermis, and stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis.

Considering many publications using a tattoo gun to ‘needle abrade’ scars (make scars less obvious) which have been very successful.  This technique works because the needles break old collagen strands that are tethering the bed of the scar, and the damage also creates more collagen immediately under the epidermis.

The needle only penetrates through the epidermis and does not remove it; the epidermis is only cleft and will rapidly heal.  As the skin swells, the holes are closed and the edges of the epidermis are approximated.  The needle prick injures the upper 1 – 2 mm of the dermis.  This injury will cause minor localized damage and bleeding.  This will promote the normal post-traumatic infiltration of fibroblasts and the release of growth factors.

Ultimately, collagen is laid down in the papillary and upper reticular skin.  A completely different picture emerges when one has thousands of fine pricks next to each other.  The process can become virtually confluent, and as a result, may mimic the results obtained with a laser, but without destroying the epidermis.  It may be that with deeper penetration into the dermis, better collagen and elastin disposition will be obtained.

Needling Acne Scars Needling Acne Scars

The Technique

Using the Environ Dermal Needling Roller on the area of concern we roll back and forth 10 times in a horizontal pattern then in a vertical direction then again in a diagonal direction.  The area will have very tiny pin holes that from a distance will make the skin look (and feel) like sunburn. You will be following treatment with the Environ A C E Body Oil as your skin will be primed for absorption and this will promote more collagen production.


The skin is crimson colored immediately after the treatment but pinpoint bleeding is minimal and stops very soon.  After all this there should only be the slightest of pinpricks.    The area should be kept clean and covered from the sun until it heals.  The sunburn like appearance usually heals within 2 days and a vitamin a and antioxidant must be used for optimal results.

By day 4 or 5 the skin returns to a moderate pink except for around the eyes which may have swelling for a period of time.  At the same time that you are healing and the remaining following months collagen and elastin are building up and the skin gradually tightens up.  The process can be repeated at anytime after the epidermis has healed completely.  For the best results we repeat this every week for 6 treatments in each desired area.


This treatment is not ideal for for skin types 6 and High 5 as there is the possibility of pigmentation or scars.